Andy Madadian

Andy Madadian is an Iranian-Armenian singer, songwriter, and actor. He is known for his smooth vocals and catchy melodies, and has been one of the most popular Iranian pop singers in the world for over 30 years.

Madadian was born in Tehran, Iran, on April 22, 1958. He began playing guitar at a young age and formed a rock band with Kamran Yegmai, the brother of Iranian pop star Kouros Yegmai. In 1978, Madadian was invited to the United States by CBS Records to record an English-language album.

Madadian’s first solo album, Khastegari, was released in 1985 and became a huge success, selling over a million copies. His follow-up albums, Bela (1987), Khodafez (1989), and Bikaraar (1991), were also successful, making Madadian a household name in Iran.

In 1992, Madadian and Yegmai formed the duo Andy & Kouros. The duo released four albums together, including the hit singles “Balla!” and “Khodafez.” They disbanded in 1993, but both Madadian and Yegmai continued to have successful solo careers.

Madadian has released a total of 15 albums, including And My Heart… (2000), which features songs in Persian, English, Spanish, Armenian, Arabic, and Hindi. He has also won numerous awards, including the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, which is awarded to individuals who have made significant contributions to their communities.

Madadian continues to tour and perform around the world, and his music continues to be popular with fans of all ages. He is a true icon of Iranian pop music and is considered one of the most successful and influential Iranian singers of all time.

Here are some of Andy Madadian’s most popular songs:

  • “Khastegari” (1985)
  • “Bela” (1987)
  • “Khodafez” (1989)
  • “Bikaraar” (1991)
  • “Balla!” (1992)
  • “Davaye Khoob Bedoshim” (1994)
  • “Mahmam Irani Hastim” (1994)
  • “Khodafez” (2023)
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    آهنگساز، خواننده، نوازنده، بازیگر
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    آهنگساز، خواننده، نوازنده، بازیگر
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